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Thoughts of a Maturing Software Engineer
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Is this a Knee Jerk Reaction?

Moving From Closte to SiteGround Less than a year ago I migrated my WordPress sites from a self managed server on the cloud (AWS) to

Sins of a Software Developer

I went down the rabbit hole, got lost, and barely found may way back. Let me explain. I have two genealogy products that I created

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Modules, Modules, Component Not Found

Using Angular and Nrwl’s NX tool for mono repos, I frequently run into “component not found” or “component not exported” issues. The reason? Well, it

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Angular, Nrwl, and Typescript

I have been playing around with mono-repo at work. We use lerna to manage the workspace (our project is not an Angular project). Playing with

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Why Does it Have to be So Hard?

I am in nightmare mode with my commercial app, Evidentia. Working on release 4, I have a complicated infrastructure that doesn’t always play well together: