Is this a Knee Jerk Reaction?

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Moving From Closte to SiteGround Less than a year ago I migrated my WordPress sites from a self managed server on the cloud (AWS) to a Managed server (Closte). The reason was speed – Closte managed it and I immediately saw the benefit. It didn’t hurt that the move saved me $9 a month. Today […]

Sins of a Software Developer

I went down the rabbit hole, got lost, and barely found may way back. Let me explain. I have two genealogy products that I created and maintain. The first is Rootspersona, a WordPress plugin I wrote in 2010? Its a free, open-source, and allows users to display genealogy data in their posts and pages. The […]

Clearing Up setTimeout Misconceptions in AWS Lambda’s

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There has been a lot of confusion around the appropriate use of timers in an AWS Lambda. This is mostly due to one developers attempt to implement a “mini scheduler” in a Lambda. This, as has been correctly reported, is not appropriate and is against best practice. There is an excellent article explaining why here: […]

Jodit, JSZip, and Other Non-Angularized Packages

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My current application (Evidentia) makes use of Jodit for inline textarea editing. It also uses JSZip to shrink files exported from the application. The problem is these packages don’t always play nice with Angular. They don’t play well with Typescript in Angular. Jodit Jodit is an “excellent Open Source WYSIWYG editor written in pure TypeScript without using additional libraries“. […]