Modules, Modules, Component Not Found

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Using Angular and Nrwl’s NX tool for mono repos, I frequently run into “component not found” or “component not exported” issues. The reason? Well, it has nothing to do with Angular OR Nrwl – it’s a Typescript thing. Typescript does not look in the NgModules to resolve type references. For that, you need type files […]

Angular, Nrwl, and Typescript

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I have been playing around with mono-repo at work. We use lerna to manage the workspace (our project is not an Angular project). Playing with the mono repo at work helped me to better understand the workspace structure recommended with the Angular CLI when you want sharable libraries. In exploring mono-repos and Angular, the […]

Why Does it Have to be So Hard?

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I am in nightmare mode with my commercial app, Evidentia. Working on release 4, I have a complicated infrastructure that doesn’t always play well together: Angular 8+ and nwjs. Over the last few days I have spent WAY too much time trying to get the configurations right – time I would rather be spending building […]