I went down the rabbit hole, got lost, and barely found may way back.

Let me explain.

I have two genealogy products that I created and maintain.

The first is Rootspersona, a WordPress plugin I wrote in 2010? Its a free, open-source, and allows users to display genealogy data in their posts and pages. The plugin is currently in version 3.

The second is Evidentia, a commercial product for the desktop I wrote in 2012. It helps genealogists with their research. The program is currently at version 3.

It has been 2… OMG it has been over 4 years! since version 3 came out. That is way too long for a digital product. I have been working on version 4 now for over a year. The plan had been to deliver by the end of 2019, but life happened. The next plan was to deliver by spring 2020.

Meanwhile, Rootspersona has not been feeling the love. I have been keeping it running in newer versions of WordPress, but it hasn’t had any new features, nor has it been updated for the new block system.

So when asked when v4 of Evidentia would be ready, I told people May 2020. When asked about Rootspersona v4, I told people right after Evidentia 4 was done, so June/July 2020.

Then I tripped and fell down the rabbit hole.

What Happened?

I took to long

The rug slipped out from under me. I took too long to get Evidentia v4 completed and the technologies I use changed multiple times. I feared that had I finished without updating the tech the application would have felt dated on day one.


My wife calls me a trout because she thinks I jump for anything new and shiny. This time she wasn’t wrong. Some new technologies came out that I wanted to try, and I lost 2 months teaching myself the tech and switching over.

So here I am.

I think I have found my way out of the mire. I shoulda woulda coulda but I didn’t, so I just need to move forward.

I am back to working on Evidentia v4, with a more up to date infrastructure, better performance, and more automated testing. I also have lots of ideas for 4.5. I just need to keep myself from trying to get 4.5 features in 4.0 or I will never getter done…

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  1. Hi Ed hope you’re well and many thanks for the update,

    Any news on a Rootspersona update ? My Rootspersona site has been virtually unusable (horrifically slow) for about 18 months now since WordPress 5.xx, if I upgrade to WordPress 5.4x+ Rootspersona doesn’t function at all. Everything works fine when I remove the Rootspersona plugin (but obviously I then have no genealogy tree),

    Many thanks, Michael….

    1. PS: this is in addition to the original problem I messaged you about in 2019 (I can’t add new person entries),

      You can’t also add the plugin to a new database (with anything older than WordPress 5,4x+


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